Bookshop Girl by Chloe Coley

I would highly recommend Bookshop Girl. It gave me an insight into a world I’ve never experienced myself, and yet it’s familiar enough to enhance your experience so profoundly. I really got into the work life of a young bookseller, partly because of the vivid writing, and partly because I (like many people), have experienced working in retail. But working in retail, with books? OH EM GEE. I loved reading about it. I LOVED reading about a teenager who was super passionate about studies, and who had a job, and you got to see all that. The story was about her actual life, not her romance with that boy, or any other kind of highly plotted storyline. The plot in this book melts into Paige’s life. Another thing I found super refreshing about this book is that Paige isn’t a freak or a geek, and she isn’t a queen bee or a mean girl. She’s one of the majority of kids, who are in the middle of all that. A regular kid. And she is fascinating! I loved the take on protesting, and being proactive (Paige is about as proactive in her life and for her future as it’s possible to be) and I loved how these young girls were going to life classes and reading through Women’s Studies books. This book is amazing. I apologise for the gushing review, but it is my honest opinion. 🙂