Bookshop Girl by Chloe Coles

Bookshop Girl by Chloe Coles



Bennett’s Bookshop has always been a haven for sixteen-year-old Paige Turner. It’s a place where she can escape from her sleepy hometown, hang out with her best friend, Holly, and also earn some money.

But, like so many bookshops, Bennett’s has become a ‘casualty of the high street’ – it’s strapped for cash and going to be torn down. Paige is determined to save it but mobilising a small town like Greysworth is no mean feat.

Time is ticking – but that’s not the only problem Paige has. How is she going to fend off the attractions of beautiful fellow artist, Blaine? And, more importantly, will his anarchist ways make or break her bookshop campaign?

I received this for review from Netgalley. Thank you! This does not affect my review.

I absolutely loved this! It was addictive and fun. It made me laugh, it was light-hearted and refreshing. It was different, in that, it featured a teenage girl with a part-time job. It focuses on her job rather than school, and I’ve never read that in fiction before. It was also nice to see a teenager doing something in a book than classes and boys. It was nice to see other elements of a teenager’s life and other things that matter to them. There are plenty of teenagers who are passionate about something and have more to their lives and identities than school and boys.

Another thing I loved about this was the characters. Even the minor characters popped off the page. They were real but funny at the same time. No one was a caricature for the sake of humour.

I would definitely recommend this.

4 stars.