Ariel Bradley: Spy for General Washington by Lynda Durrant and Joe Rossi

Ariel Bradley, Spy for General Washington


Ariel Bradley is Washington’s boy spy who pretends to be a country bumpkin (a
“Johnny Raw”). He ‘stumbles’ into General Howe’s camp “looking for the mill” his
father has sent him in search of. In reality, he is assessing the strength and numbers
of the British and their Hessian (German) allies. After he is sent on his way by the
unsuspecting English, he reports this to General Washington and his staff. This
information proves key in what became known as the Battle of White Plains.


I received this, with thanks, from Netgalley.


Illustrations: The illustrations were amazing! They fitted the feel of the time so well, and they were so cute! Salt the horse was so pretty! I loved the vividness and the density of the colours, especially in the backgrounds. The characters were brilliant as well!

Story: The story was cute, and based on historical fact. It was a little dry for a children’s book, but I think kids would love Ariel and Salt.

I Wanted More Of: The beginning jarred me a little. A little more set-up would’ve helped. Also, I really think this book would be extra good if the recipe for the cobbler was included!

3.75 stars