Arizona Way Out West & Witty

Arizona Way Out West & Witty

by Conrad J. Storad and Lynda Exley

I received this from NetGalley, with thanks, for review purposes. Goodreads

I found this entertaining, and there were certainly really interesting parts. I learned new things and developed interests in things I wasn’t interested in before. The puzzles were fun and challenging too.

The main issue I had with this book was how dry and dense it was. It’s obviously aimed at children but it was so wordy. I can’t imagine it appealing to children without some rewriting. It was also very repetitive.

Also, there are a lot of references to things being “wacky” and I think that the “wacky west” should have been included in the title.

I loved that there were puzzles, craft projects, study ideas and recipes in the book. I also loved the list of “State Stuff”. There is a comprehensive glossary too, which is so useful. I’ve come across a lot of books where I wished there was a glossary and there wasn’t, so bonus points for this one for including a glossary!

Purely because of the dry, dense text, 2 out of 5 stars.